Valley Farm certificates and badges

The Project

"Have You Seen Me?" is a work of contemporary art that fictionally transports the United States dairy industry to African Societies during the height of the Atlantic Slave Trade using its most iconic social contribution: the "kid on the milk carton" missing person advocacy campaign.

The project maps the milk bottle design and manufacturing arms race of 1800's-1980's U.S. dairy farmers onto an alternate past where the historical European obsession with Chinese porcelain manifests itself within fully industrialized and literate African states.

The fictional dairies on each bottle draw on this speculative African time in order to come to life. The images of missing people on the bottles, however, are all too real and are drawn from historical slave archives.

The Artist

Alexi Morrissey

Alexi Morrissey (b. 1971) is an American artist working in sculpture, performance and installation art. He has exhibited nationally and internationally working both as an auteur and a collaborator executing projects with individuals, collectives, institutions, and governments. These concerns have led him to interrogate the commonplace notions of function, public space, history, language, and the pervasive construct of narrative. He has done tele-present performance art with youth prisoners, lectured on the history of planetary robotics, and made sculptures that talk to the dead. He lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.